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Andreea Nemes is a guest on Cruel and Unusual Nourishment

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Halloween Spooktacular: Witches in Britches

Oct 30, 201975 minutes

Double, fumble spoil and stumble! Zac returns from the dead to join Adam and special guest Andreea as they engage in "Melbourne’s quirkiest night out" at Witches in Britches!!

Will Zac survive the terror his crippling dinner-theatre anxieties? Will Andreea get to dance with another silver fox? Will Adam finally lose his virginity?? Find out the answers to all these questions AND MORE!!

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  1. Full review of Witches in Britches

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Titanic: Part II

Mar 29, 201956 minutes

Adam, Zac and Andreea wrap up their epic cross-Atlantic tale.

Titanic: Part I

Mar 15, 201971 minutes

Adam, Zac and Andreea go for the ride of their lives.

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