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Ben Knapton is a guest on Cruel and Unusual Nourishment

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Christmas Spec-snack-ular

Dec 18, 201970 minutes

It's the most wonderful episode of the year!! Adam and Zac are joind by extra special guest and fan favourite Ben Knapton as the three swap recipes, stories and heartfelt compliments over a potluck meal.

The boys also discuss their plans for the future and shout out all their amazing collaborators over the past year.

Topics discussed:

  1. Holiday Story Time
  2. Very harsh and critical review of Christmas Snacks
  3. Best and Worst Memories of the Year
  4. New Years Resolutions

Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Get the recipes for all the snacks from this episode here!

Zac drew a comic! Buy it here: https://ownaindi.com/shop/comics/i-am-ned-issue-2/

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Bite Size: Arnott's Flavoured Milk

Oct 23, 201962 minutes

Two stars get lost on their Milky Way

Bite Size: Doritos Wasabi

Oct 2, 201926 minutes

Adam and guest-host Ben Knapton try Doritos' new Wasabi flavour

Tokyo Japanese Restaurant

Sep 25, 201951 minutes

What's that smell? It's Cruelpod!

Bite Size: McDonalds Chip 'n' Dip

Sep 18, 201919 minutes

A creamy dip for the tip of your chip!

Bite Size: The Cooney Hooney

Sep 4, 201920 minutes

Shit gets weird and a little nutty

Beatbox Kitchen's 24hr Flip-a-Thon

Aug 28, 201936 minutes

Flippin' good burgers

Bite Size: Picky Picky Peanuts Mitey Aussie Nuts

Aug 21, 201915 minutes

Three hardcore Vege-men eat some soft little nuts

Star Hand Car Wash & Sushi Bar

Aug 1, 201972 minutes

Domo arigato something about a carwash

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