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Erin Farrugia is a guest on Cruel and Unusual Nourishment

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Asian Supermarket Spec-snack-ular

Oct 17, 201984 minutes

Adam and Erin are taken on a culinary trip around Asia by long-time-listener-first-time-critic Melissa So. According to Mel, the podcast's snack choices haven't been cruel or unusual enough for her liking so she's here to do something about it!

Will the whitest hosts alive be thwarted by strange flavours from a strange land? Will Erin have to eat anything mango flavoured? Will Adam be able to cross another animal off his Delicious Endangered Species Checklist? Find out in this unmissable Super-Sized-Bite-Size-Episode!!

Topics discussed:

  1. Review of a plethora or snacks from around Asia but mostly from around an Asian supermarket
  2. NEW Bonus Segment: What is Your Death Row Meal?
  3. Bonus Segment: What Did You Put in Your Mouth?

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Bite Size: Golden Gaytime x Krispy Kreme

Oct 9, 201929 minutes

Titans will clash, Goldens will Gaytime and Krispies will Kreme

Mojo's Weird Pizza Clifton Hill

Apr 30, 201984 minutes

Adam, Zac and Erin get their crusts well and truly stuffed.

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