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Louis Zetlin is a guest on Cruel and Unusual Nourishment

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Bite Size: Sour Patch Kids Fire & Freeze

Aug 8, 201915 minutes

Cruelpod is turning up the heat! (and then immdiately turning it down again). Joined by special guest Louis Zetlin, Adam and Zac test the limits of their stomach lining and eat two whole packets of sour candy for your listening pleasure.

Courses served:

  1. Full review of Sour Patch Kids Fire
  2. Full review of Sour Patch Kids Freeze

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Shanghai Village Dumplings

Jul 10, 201951 minutes

Louie's back to help the guys test their mettle against some shao long bao

Cotta Restaurant, Home of the Parma

Mar 1, 201960 minutes

There’s no place like Crown

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