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Simone Agius is a guest on Cruel and Unusual Nourishment

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Good Gnocchi

May 29, 201962 minutes

good /ɡʊd/ adjective 1 to be desired or approved of. "it's good that he's back to his old self" 2 having the required qualities; of a high standard. "a good restaurant"

gnocchi /ˈn(j)ɒki/ noun plural noun: gnocchi; noun: gnocco (in Italian cooking) small dumplings made from potato, semolina, or flour, usually served with a sauce.

Courses served:

  1. Full review of Good Gnocchi
  2. Bonus Segment: What Did Review Think?
  3. Bonus Segment: What Did You Put in Your Mouth?

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Lazy Moe's Tullamarine

Jan 24, 201968 minutes

With so much on their plate, the guys ask a guest to help them out.

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