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Zac Smith-Cameron is a host on Cruel and Unusual Nourishment

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Christmas Spec-snack-ular

Dec 18, 201970 minutes

It's the most wonderful episode of the year!! Adam and Zac are joind by extra special guest and fan favourite Ben Knapton as the three swap recipes, stories and heartfelt compliments over a potluck meal.

The boys also discuss their plans for the future and shout out all their amazing collaborators over the past year.

Topics discussed:

  1. Holiday Story Time
  2. Very harsh and critical review of Christmas Snacks
  3. Best and Worst Memories of the Year
  4. New Years Resolutions

Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Get the recipes for all the snacks from this episode here!

Zac drew a comic! Buy it here: https://ownaindi.com/shop/comics/i-am-ned-issue-2/

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Bite Size: Sour Patch Max Super Sour

Dec 15, 201921 minutes

Maximum Sower

Bite Size: Red Rooster's Chicken Waffle Cones

Dec 6, 201931 minutes

The boys pack a few cones and get fried

Kenny Lover

Nov 28, 201946 minutes

The humble chip & dip has had a serious upgrade

Bite Size: Frosty Fruits Summer Sunset

Nov 21, 201923 minutes

The boys get very frosty and a wee bit fruity

Nando's Elizabeth St

Nov 14, 201952 minutes

Bite Size: Milkcow Flamin' Hot Cheetos Ice-Cream

Nov 12, 201923 minutes

I scream you scream...

Halloween Spooktacular: Witches in Britches

Oct 30, 201975 minutes

It's the bitching hour, witches!

Bite Size: Picky Picky Peanuts Mitey Aussie Nuts

Aug 21, 201915 minutes

Three hardcore Vege-men eat some soft little nuts

Taco Bill Russell St

Aug 14, 201984 minutes

Three amigos talk tacos

Bite Size: Sour Patch Kids Fire & Freeze

Aug 8, 201915 minutes

A snack of ice and fire

Star Hand Car Wash & Sushi Bar

Aug 1, 201972 minutes

Domo arigato something about a carwash

Bite Size: Toaster Hash Browns

Jul 24, 201917 minutes

What's poppin'?

Bite Size: Arnott's Jatz Chocolate

Jul 18, 201919 minutes

Miced Volvos

Shanghai Village Dumplings

Jul 10, 201951 minutes

Louie's back to help the guys test their mettle against some shao long bao

Bite Size: Naanwich

Jul 3, 201913 minutes

Curry in a hurry

Maharaja Express Preston

Jun 26, 201957 minutes

All aboard for the ride of a lifetime!

Bite Size: Smiths Crisps (Spag Bol + Mac n’ Cheese)

Jun 19, 201918 minutes

The boys get crispy or something


Jun 12, 201965 minutes

Adam & Zac test their limits in an all-you-can-eat restaurant

Bite Size: Teadom Cheese-Topped Tea

Jun 5, 201914 minutes

A pair of cheesy lovers catch up for a cuppa

Good Gnocchi

May 29, 201962 minutes

Adam, Zac and Simmo brave the cold night in search of pasta goodness

Bite Size: Hungry Jack's Shapes Shaker Fries

May 22, 201918 minutes

Adam and Zac shake things up with a shorter episode to snack on.

Secret Burger Sauce Review

May 15, 201953 minutes

Adam and Zac take a very scientific look at some store-bought burger sauces.

Mojo's Weird Pizza Clifton Hill

Apr 30, 201984 minutes

Adam, Zac and Erin get their crusts well and truly stuffed.

Tan Thanh Loi

Apr 16, 201964 minutes

Adam, Zac and Doug go against the advice of their physicians and travel to Footscray

Titanic: Part II

Mar 29, 201956 minutes

Adam, Zac and Andreea wrap up their epic cross-Atlantic tale.

Titanic: Part I

Mar 15, 201971 minutes

Adam, Zac and Andreea go for the ride of their lives.

Cotta Restaurant, Home of the Parma

Mar 1, 201960 minutes

There’s no place like Crown

Lazy Moe's Tullamarine

Jan 24, 201968 minutes

With so much on their plate, the guys ask a guest to help them out.

Goody's Burger House

Dec 24, 201849 minutes

Adam and Zac tuck in to their first course.


Dec 18, 201814 minutes

Adam and Zac whet their appetite with a short info episode.

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